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November 3, 2016
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November 3, 2016

Seed Aquaponics Demonstration System

Over the winter of 2015, Seed Aquaponics partnered with Healcrest Urban Farms in the Garfield area of Pittsburgh to build a custom-made, vertical, wooden aquaponic system. This aquaponic system also acts as Seed Aquaponics large demonstration system. Healcrest Urban Farms was interested in a system that would produce herbs year-round inside of their greenhouse. They also were excited to create an educational setting for volunteers to learn about aquaponic systems. This was a perfect opportunity for Seed Aquaponics to offer a hands-on training for volunteers while building the system.

Every Saturday from 1-3 several volunteers showed up to help tackle the next step of building the system. We were grateful to have such a diverse crowd of individuals come together over the course of three months to learn, help, and work together. Shout outs to Idea Foundry, DECO Resources, and Chatham University’s Eden Hall for representing!

Here are some photos of the volunteers learning to build the Seed Aquaponics demonstration system:

Measuring the Fish Tank


Raising the Plant Containment


Connecting the Swirl Filter


Adding the Pond Liner


The Finished Aquaponic System


Thanks to all the volunteers that attended and helped make the building of the Seed Aquaponics Demonstration System such a success!