Aquaponic Systems
November 3, 2016
Make new friends, but keep the old
November 3, 2016

Healcrest Urban Farms, Pittsburgh’s own artisanal urban farm, asked Seed Aquaponics to build a large aquaponic system in their greenhouse over the winter. After going to see their beautiful land and greenhouse, some sketches were drawn as recommendations for their own unique system. We agreed on a two story, wooden system rising over the fish tank that is modeled after a system researched last year at Allegheny College.


The construction of the system is being used as a learning opportunity for those locally interested in building an aquaponic system and for those attending the Thailand implementation trip this summer with Seed Aquaponics. We have an incredible turn out of volunteers constructing the system!


We’ve reached the halfway point by digging the hole, constructing the fish tank and the plant tray. Next, we’ll raise the plant tray above the fish tank, attach a swirl filter, and add the water and fish to bring the system to completion.


It’s been great to spend time with so many awesome people who all bring their skills to the table: engineers, system owners, gardeners, and environmentally conscious individuals. We appreciate the team’s help and hard work! Thank you so much!

We’re looking forward to finishing out the system at Healcrest Urban Farms for the rest of the public to view in the spring of 2015.