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November 3, 2016
Plants to grow in an Aquaponic System
May 1, 2017

Slippery Rock University Students Preparing Aquaponic System for Uganda

Seed Aquaponics has been working with Slippery Rock University’s Sustainable Enterprise Accelerator (SEA) students to build an aquaponic system that will be replicated in Uganda. This is a special project that involves working with Real Partners Uganda and Tree of Life Ministries, both non-profits whose missions are to build K-12 schools in the village of Lukaya in Uganda. The visions also include providing sustainable agriculture surrounding the schools to be used for food and hands-on STEAM educational opportunities.

Part I of the Uganda Aquaponics Project was an honor to complete. First, Colleen Beck from Seed Aquaponics instructed the students on aquaponics and had them design a system that could be easily built in Uganda using local materials. Then the students were able to learn how to construct the system at the Robert A. Macoskey Center for Sustainable Systems Education and Research.

Here are some pictures of the progression of the Uganda Aquaponics Project:

Aquaponics SEA Students and Instructor


Building the Fish Tank (4’W x 8’L x 2’H)



Added the Plant Containment (4’W x 16’L x 1’H) and  Swirl Filter


Painted Rafts with Net Pots for Plant Containment

Filled with Water and Added Solar Installation


Stay tuned for an update on Part II of the Uganda Aquaponics Project where we collect data on the growing potential of the aquaponic system and then, Part III when we go to Uganda and implement the system for the schools in Lukaya.