Choosing Your Fish

Plants to grow in an Aquaponic System
May 1, 2017

When choosing a type of fish for your aquaponic system, there are three things you should consider: climate, consumption, and weight.

Most examples of aquaponics will use tilapia. But that’s only because aquaponics, as we know it today, started in tropical places where tilapia are common. Tilapia have a lot of up sides in warm weather climates (they are hardy, edible, and grow really fast); however, it is not advisable to try and grow them in cold weather climates because they like 75°F water and that’s hard to maintain outside. Instead cold water fish like perch or koi would be a better choice in the north.

The other thing to decide is whether you want to eat the fish or have ornamental fish. Edible fish are a great option because you will not only have plants to eat, but healthy fish too. Beware: You may get too attached to your fish to eat them. Of course, selling koi can also be a lucrative option.

Finally, the ratio of fish to water is 1 pound : 10 gallons. So if you have a 200 gallon fish tank, you can grow up to 20 lbs of fish. Remember to consider how fast they grow and how big they get when buying your fingerlings.



Yellow Perch