Why Aquaponic Systems Are Valuable

Aquaponic Systems have a symbiotic relationship – the fish provide nutrients for the plants and the plants clean the water for the fish. By maintaining this sustainable relationship, the system provides organic produce in forms of poultry and vegetation.

What is an Aquaponic System?

Aquaponic Systems grow vegetables in half the amount of time and use 10% of the water as traditional agricultural methods. The fish in one part of the system provide the nutrients for the vegetables in the other part of the system. There's no need to add fertilizer or any harsh chemicals to your plants. You also get to eat the organic fish you grow! The closed-loop system prevents water from being wasted by circulating from the fish to the vegetables and back again to the fish. The only additional water needed is loss from evaporation (the 10%). And as an added bonus, there's no weeding! Just pull the vegetable from the tray and plant a new one. It's as simple as that!

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    Still not convinced?

    Here's an article from Friendly Aquaponic's showing that "an additional benefit of farming aquaponically was that the mosquitoes on [their] seven-acre farm had COMPLETELY disappeared!" Click here to check it out!