A few answers to common questions

What do I do in the winter when it's too cold?
Your system will need to be shut down in the winter by siphoning the water out of your plant tray. Just like your garden, which goes fallow in the winter, you’ll need to let your aquaponic system go fallow when it’s too cold outside. You will want to keep your fish alive by keeping the water warm enough for them. This is why we recommend getting cold-water fish if you live in cold-water areas. If you get warm-water fish, you’ll need to spend more energy keeping the fish tank hotter over the winter. If you want to keep your aquaponic system running year-round, consider putting a greenhouse over your system.
How do I take care of my system?
Your system will largely take care of itself. You don’t need to “water” your garden, except for supplementing for evaporation. You don’t need to “weed” your garden because only the seeds you plant will grow. You only need to feed your fish.
Is there soil?
No. An aquaponic system is a water garden with fish. There is no soil to maintain, but the filter in the system will catch extra nutrients leftover from the fish. These nutrients can provide your soil garden with a boost every now and then right when it needs it.
How much water will I need to add to the system?
After you fill up your fish tank and the plant tray, you will only need to replace the evaporation from the system. You will only need to add this water once a week on average and it will only be about 10% of the water that you normally use to water your garden. So you save on water, plus you won’t have to worry about your garden getting too dry and killing your plants.
How do I upgrade my system?
You can upgrade your system by adding more fish and plant trays to your system. Please call or email Seed Aquaponics (412-477-4058 or colleencbeck@gmail.com) to upgrade your system. If you have any questions that weren’t answered here, please send an email to colleencbeck@gmail.com. We would love to hear from you.
Does the water used to start up the system need to be distilled or dechlorinated? Or can regular tap water be used?
Regular tap water can be used if you only need to dechlorinate it, but check your water source. You may have chloramine in your water.

A) If your water is from a municipal source, it needs to sit for at least 48 hours in order for chlorine to evaporate.

B) If your municipal source indicates that you have chloramine – a combination of ammonia and chlorine – in your water, you will need to add a commercial water conditioner in order to neutralize chloramine.

C) If your water is from a well, do any necessary tests to determine the mineral content of the water, establishing what needs to be done so that it is safe for fish. You may not need to do anything at all to well water for it to be safe for fish.

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