Seed Aquaponics was born out of researching aquaponic systems worldwide. After building systems for organizations and homes in the Pittsburgh region and consulting for organizations abroad about this new agricultural technique, Seed Aquaponics was created to offer individuals and organizations the ability to own their own systems in order to grow organic produce in a sustainable and convenient manner.

Colleen Beck

CEO and Founder

Colleen Beck has a passion for sustainable approaches within water and agriculture. For over a decade, she has researched efficient water innovations and management techniques within gardening and farming. Her research has taken her to areas in North America, Asia, Europe and Africa. Colleen holds a Masters in International Development and Bachelors in Communications. She also enjoys working with university students to offer cultural, educational, and research opportunities through working with her on aquaponic implementation projects abroad.

Steve Dristas

Lead Engineer

Steve Dristas has eight years of experience as a mechanical engineer. Over the past two years, Steve’s interest in aquaponics led him to become an expert in the field by applying his engineering experience to design systems for Seed Aquaponics both within the Pittsburgh area and overseas. Steve graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University. Steve is also an active member of the Pittsburgh Professional Chapter of Engineers Without Borders, working on a water supply and distribution project for a small community in the mountains of Ecuador since 2014.

Kate Dunn | The Creative Cabin


Kate Dunn is an award-winning Creative Director with nearly 25 years of experience in advertising and all aspects of print and website design, marketing and social media management. Kate began her career with Pittsburgh advertising agencies where she served as Creative Director on prestigious accounts such as H. J. Heinz and Weight Watchers. Working from her sanctuary, hobby farm studio, Kate embraces the passion of farming and gardening innovations shared by Colleen and SEED Aquaponics.