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October 26, 2016
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Aquaponic Kit

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Seed Aquaponics Aquaponic Kit is a beautiful, turnkey aquaponics system with instructions for easy assembly.

This aquaponic system is the complete package! All you’ll need to do is add your fish.

The piping and pumps were designed for optimal water flow. A swirl filter is included to catch any extra fish compost and includes a spout that is easy to connect to any garden hose. You can direct the compost tea into your compost bin or directly onto the soil around your garden plants to give them a boost when they flower or fruit.

No need to waste any of your time with trial and error building your own system. These pieces connect beautifully and have been tested by seasoned aquaponic experts.

• 200 gal fish tank holds 20lbs of fish of your choice
• 20 gal swirl filter holds onto “aquaponic tea” great for your compost or
to give your soil garden a boost
• 70 gallon plant container grows up to 40 plants of your choice
• Food grade safe Virgin ABS materials

Capacity: 290 gallons
Dimensions: 4’(W) x 2’(H) x 12’(L)
Weight: 55 lbs. dry, 2,146 lbs. full
Shipping: Individual drop ship, 45.5”(W) x 37”(H) x 52”(L)


Referral Program Discount – $100 mailed to the Garden, Pond, or Landscaping Center that refers a customer. Customer gets $50 off the price of the system.
Enter who referred you in the “Notes” section at check-out.

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1 review for Aquaponic Kit

  1. Lunis

    This system was really tranquil in my backyard last year. My family got to watch the fish, herbs, and squash grow for the season. We also used the extra fish compost on our garden to water the tomatoes when the flowers came out. It was really easy to put together and to use. I recommend it!

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